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CCTV Drain Surveys

By The Drain Master

Serving domestic and commercial clients in and around the Swindon area

CCTV drain equipment

Why request a drain survey?

Mobile Camera Used To View Blocked Drains

Constant drain problems

If you have been getting problems with your drains on a regular basis then this could indicate a bigger problem. Unfortunately, drains and underground pipework are not easy to get to or to assess without specialised equipment. This is where The Drain Master can help you. Using our specialised CCTV drain survey equipment, we can send a camera down your drains and along them to assess the potential problems.

Our camera, whilst underground, can be traced above ground, allowing us to pin point the exact position of any problems. As well as a full report, we will provide the recorded footage on a DVD for reference as well as a basic plan of the drains which will highlight any issues.
If you wish we can also quote for the drain repair if required.

Any repairs and remedial works we recommend will always take into account the cost to you and where available any options you may have.

Hidden drain

Sonar tracing for drains

Using our specialist equipment, we can  trace your drains with depth analysis and mark them out above ground. Often this can uncover lost, hidden and buried manholes. We can also source any potential problems that will need drain repairs. Where detection is not possible by sonar we can use dye detection. This is a simple method of tracing the downward route of your drainage pipes. The coloured dye is not harmful to animals or the environment and is completely safe to use.

Rat investigations

Underground pipes with rat valves installed

Rats have earned a notorious reputation of being able to chew through almost anything. This does unfortunately include waste pipes which, if left unchecked, can cause nasty smelling odours and leakage into the surrounding area as well as causing blockages when pipework collapses. We can asses the damaged pipes and install rat valves hindering their ability to access your local foul pipes and cause any damage. Prevention is always better than cure, but often we do not realise there is a potential problem until it is too late.


Good service
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Outstanding service
"Very good service, outstanding results. Lee was friendly and very helpful."

The Drain Master

For all your CCTV drain survey needs in and around Swindon. Solving all your drain problems quickly and efficiently.

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