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Drain repairs

From The Drain Master, based in Swindon

Serving domestic and commercial clients throughout the area

Repairing a Broken Pipe in a Septic Field

All your drains professionally repaired

Once your drains have been assessed and we have a clear understanding of what is wrong with them, The Drain Master can get to work and ensure your drains are repaired quickly and efficiently. Sometimes, depending on the damage, we may need to install a new section of pipework, but whatever course of remedial work we recommend we will always talk your through the options available so you can make an informed decision.

Insurance claims

An insurance claim on your drains can be daunting and can prove difficult and complicated, but do not worry we can help you. We will work with you and your insurance company to ascertain what is covered by your policy and to what extent. We will work out the costings directly with them on your behalf whilst keeping you informed throughout the process.

New gully installations

Sometimes we have no option but to dig down and repair, replace or divert pipework. However we will always ensure you are aware of exactly what we will be doing and when. This ensures that you will be very well prepared. We will also complete the works as quickly and as efficiently as possible whilst ensuring we work as tidily as possible to create as little disruption or mess as possible.

Tree roots from underground drains

Drain root removal

Roots from trees love underground drains. The tree roots will grow down and around the pipe trying to find a way in. Once they work their way inside, normally through a join, the roots will grow thicker and gradually increase the opening and along the drain itself. This in itself causes damage to the pipe itself as well as blockages and a potential for waste water to back up the pipe.

At The Drain Master, our team are ready and waiting with our specialist equipment to complete a drain survey and remove the roots from your drains before repairing them. If you suspect a tree or trees has invaded your drains, it is much easier, quicker and cheaper to attack the problem early and remove the potential for any additional damage to your drains. 
Contact us and we can assess the potential situation for you.

Drain lining

Whilst conducting a CCTV survey of your drains to assess the damage and cause, we can sometimes identify that relining would suffice to complete the repair to your drain. This is usually the case where your drain has developed fractures and cracks. This may have been caused by an ingress of tree roots which would need removing before the repair can take place. This method removes the need to dig down to your drains to complete a repair whilst ensuring your drains are once again structurally strong.


Outstanding service
"Very good service, outstanding results. Lee was friendly and very helpful."


"Outstanding customer service, honest and arrived swiftly in our time of need! We have used Lee from The Drain Master many times and we would not go anywhere else now. Highly recommend!"


Blocked drain
"Fantastic, sorted out my blocked drain, will definitely use again."

The Drain Master

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